My Dead 50

1526092_664271466951067_1335509124_nThis will be the last MyRed50 post.  In memory of the lens i have seen the world through. My love since it arrived on my doorstep August 16, 2009.  I will be selling a Coffee Table Book with the best of  If you are interested in a book or have any MyRed50 Favorites you would like to see in the book contact me at I am sad to end this project but sadness has its place. Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog.   -Blake

One thought on “My Dead 50

  1. I’m sad to see you go. I subscribed to your website about 9 months ago when you took a picture of me at Memphis in May and you told me to look for it on your website. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed looking at the pictures you’ve captured and posted on here. People unaware that they are having a picture taken of them make the best pictures. Your work is refreshing to me and I would love to purchase a book when it comes out!

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